Italian Wedding Soup

This recipe is adapted from Fabio Viviani (some guy on the internet).

Italian Wedding Soup

Adapted from a recipe by Fabio Viviani (some guy on the internet).

Serves 12-16

½ cup (to taste) extra virgin olive oil (I actually just used a splash of olive oil to get the veggies started. ½ cup is too much.
2 cup carrots, diced
2 cup yellow onion, diced
2 cup celery, diced
1 lb. ground beef (80/20) + 1 lb mild Italian sausage
4 eggs
2/3 cup panko bread crumbs
6 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese, grated
Salt and Pepper to taste
6 quarts chicken broth
3 cups fresh baby spinach (I just used the whole bag, not sure how much. Escarole is supposed to be good in here, too.)
Dried basil-a few sprinkles
2 cups orzo pasta

  1. Saute carrots, onion and celery in oil until soft and starting to brown.
  2. While veggies sauté, make the meatballs: mix beef, sausage, eggs, breadcrumbs, Parmesan, salt and pepper in a separate mixing bowl. Form into ½ inch balls, and set on a baking sheet.
  3. Cook meatballs on the baking sheet in 375F degree oven for 12-15 minutes.
  4. Stir in the spinach to the sautéing veggies and let it wilt.
  5. Add chicken stock to veggies. Let the mixture reduce on high heat.
  6. When meatballs are cooked, add them to the soup.
  7. Boil 5 minutes and season with salt and pepper.
  8. Cook pasta separately, then add it to each bowl.
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